Thursday, March 30, 2017

Acino International AG Acquires Litha Healthcare in South Africa

A graduate of Harvard Business School, Thompson Dean serves as chief executive officer of Avista Capital Partners in New York. At Avista, Thompson Dean and his team identify and invest in promising companies, such as Acino International AG. This pharmaceutical company develops advanced drug delivery technologies, including transdermal, oral, and extended release parenteral technologies.

Recently, Acino announced that it came to an agreement with Endo International subsidiaries to acquire the South African company Litha Healthcare. Based in Johannesburg, Litha works with area hospitals, pharmacies, medical specialists, and law enforcement teams. 

Acino acquired Litha as part of its growth strategy to enter high-potential markets in Africa and the Middle East. A strong and immediate presence in South Africa, made possible by the acquisition, is the first step in playing a role in the pharmaceutical sector of the whole continent. 

Litha, with 160 employees, maintains a strong position in the market and an excellent therapeutic reputation. The company also has a strong product pipeline and relationships with key industry players. The deal was announced at the end of February and is expected to become official in the near future.